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Animal Motel is a Veteran owned and run business that consistently takes great care of my animals and receives my highest recommendation.  Not only has Joe helped us with training our very stubborn pit bull/Bassett mix via training during daycare as well as overnight stays, he is very accommodating to specific feeding instructions and specific food recommended by our Vet.  Having used Animal Motel the last year or more we wouldn't think of using any other dog daycare/boarding.  Many thanks to Animal Motel and its Veteran owner/operator Joe!

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My Approach

     I don't follow any one style of dog training. I don't train dogs. I rehabilitate their thinking, teaching them the benefits of complying willingly.

     Training is something that is rigid, militaristic, and the subject of the training really doesn't have a choice. It is very easy to train a dog. Crank on a dog's neck enough and they will do most anything in less than a week, but they won't enjoy it. If done to extreme, the result is usually a broken animal with a personality more of a robot than a dog. If that's what you want, then you don't want a dog, you want a slave. On the other hand, if you are constantly giving a dog a treat to do anything and everything then the dog is merely manipulating you for food. That really isn't a real dog, that is an employee. If that's what you want, then go hire someone to do things for you. These are two examples of the extremes though. .


     My approach to dog training is a mixture of Cesar Milan, proven old school, and modern positive training techniques. This style is based upon the following beliefs I have about dogs:

1.   Dogs think, feel, & behave different than humans. Their psychology, and how they perceive their environment is different too. The only thing that we have in common is that we are both mammals, and live in social pack hierarchies.

2.  Placing human standards on a dogs thoughts and feeling (Anthropomorphication) is the best way to make your dog go insane, ruin your life, and theirs.

3.  Dogs learn, and remember through "cause and effect", but you generally only have a 2-3 second window of time to teach through "cause and effect" before they forget what happened.

4.  Because of Number #3, teaching a dog is based on the timing of the command, mixed with the situation of what is happening, and what the dog is doing.

5.  Dogs communicate through eye contact, body language, and various frequencies of barks and growls. The frequency of the dog's "voice" indicates the dog's state of mind.

6.  Dogs are what we would perceive as "psychic" if we came across another human with the same awareness that a dog has. Simply, dogs can detect things that we can't see in our environment whether it be something hidden from sight by concealment or distance, or the emotions of a human. Dogs have higher EQ (Emotional intelligence)than that of most humans. Therefore dogs can perceive the "vibe" that humans let off when thay have an emotional reaction. This is very important to understand when interacting with dogs because there is only one emotional state that a human can be in in order for the dog to see you as peer in which they will willingly comply with your wishes.

7.  Dogs must have a sense of purpose (a job or activity) to live a happy life, and avoid mental issues, which become behavior issues in the family environment. In my opinion, a dog trained for war is happier in the chaos of a battlefield, than a pampered lapdog is if it doesn't have something to do that satisfies a dog's natural instincts.  

8.  Different breeds need different jobs to achieve instinctual satisfaction.  Within those breeds there are different personalities. There are also positive and negative attributes to those personalities that can affect your relationship with your dogs. If not handled appropriately you run the risk of nurturing the negative or discouraging the positive (or both) just Iike in humans.

9.  A dog will tell you what kind of person you are (or someone else is) no matter what kind of social mask is being put up. If you aren't "intune" with yourself then the dog will take advantage of you. It will then become, "who owns who?"

10.  All dog training tools have a place in teaching a dog if used correctly by a dog teacher. There is no such thing as a "cruel" dog training tool. Tools such as prong collars and electronic collars are no different than a knife. They can both be used in good and bad ways. It really comes down to the intentions behind the person using it, and the manner in which it is used. None of these tools should ever be used in any emotional state other than calmness.

11.   No amount of teachers or lessons in the world will work if the dog simply doesn't like or respect you. Sure you can force the dog to do stuff, but it comes back to your dog being a robot, and not really wanting to do it. What more, the dog is simply going to do what it wants when you are not looking.




"Blue" The Golden Doodle

"Zeus" The Protection German Shepherd Showing His Off Leash Skills

"June" The Boxer Showing Her "Stay".

"Oakley" The Husky Doing Off Leash Obedience.