Family Oriented Protection Dogs
(Man's Best Friend Indeed!)

POV K-9 Decoy Training

Posted by Seth Layton on Monday, May 16, 2016
     Security shouldn't be considered a luxury item.  As the public worries about their safety, and firearms are becoming more controversial, dogs are making a comeback as the preferred household safety measure.  Over the past 100 years there has been huge discoveries in dog psychology and behavior modification to produce high quality working dogs.  

     One of the latest discoveries is  "Family Oriented Personal Protection Dogs".  These dogs aren't like a typical "Attack Dog".  They are a pet with an on/off switch which you are in control of.

     These dogs can be trained to get along with other dogs, children, and even cats.  They will watch T.V. with your family, and play fetch with your children.  If somebody breaks in your house they will protect on command, and then go back to watching T.V.  The bad guy will probably not even be able to get onto your property without this dog first alerting you though.

     More importantly, once you make a bond with a dog like this, it cannot be used against you like any other weapon could.

     We have dogs like this available at the Animal Motel for sale or lease.  They are available at many different ages and degrees of training.  We have four main breeds available:

German Shepherd
Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherd
American Staffordshire Terrier

The going rate for our fully trained working dogs, or to have us train your dog for home protection are as follows (provided we assess and confirm your dog's capability to perform working dog duties. This will require a full assessment performed by our highly skilled dog training department head. Not all dogs were meant to be working dogs, but if you've already bonded with a dog, they may be easier to train for this purpose!):

If you would like more information about these dogs give us a call!