Full Day - $15.00

(4 hr) Half Day - $8.00

10 Days - $135.00

20 Days - $260.00

Daycare + Walk - $20.00


Daycare + Training $25.00

Everybody needs a friend, and you dog is no exception. Here at Animal Motel, we provide your dog with a healthy social environment. Our dogs play in supervised groups with other animals of simliar size/temperament, meaning they have plenty of opportunities to make friends with our staff and regular boarders. Supervised around the clock, dogs can enjoy the many perks of our play yards. Recently renovated, we have a wonderful carpeted playground for your buddy to enjoy, as well as a shelter for catching the shade. During the summer, your pup can splash around in one of our many swimming pools, which get converted into giant dog beds in winter for comfortable rest areas.

We also have plenty of toys and treats on hand. Tennis balls, rope toys, and playground equipment will give your little buddy plenty to do. And, if you approve, we'll reward your dog for good behavior with treats specially suited to his/her dental/dietary needs. Your dog will burn off its excess energy and come home good-tempered and well-fed.

So, whether you have work, class or just want to get out of the house for the day, we're here to give your dog the right care at the right price!

Let your dog have a ball at Animal Motel!


10-Minute Walk - $5.00

One-Way Pick-Up/Drop-Off - $15.00 In City (+ $1.00 per Mile Outside City)

Dog or Cat Food (During Stay) - $2.00/Day

(2) 5X7 Playtime Photos - $5.00

Our Grooming Services pricing, including the Exit Bath Package (at half-off our usual price if your pet is staying with us for boarding or daycare), can be found on our Grooming page under the Services tab.