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Free Consultation for every program!

Fundamentals Program: $800

Sit, Stay, Down, Recall (Come), Heel, Place, Leash Manners, House Manners, Leave It, Crate Training, People & Dog Socialization, Threshold training, Treadmill training.  Comes with life time of group classes. 

Taught over 2 – 4 weeks as schedule permits

Leash Manners Program: 


(Reactivity Issues add $50 - $200)

Teaches dog to walk on a loose leash in about a week.

Private One Hour Classes: 


We can work on any specific

problems that you may have.

Protection Dog Program: $10,000

Includes dog that is trained in obedience and bite work.

NEW Doggie Daycamp: $25 per day 

Now introducing Doggie Day Camp. It's a mixture of daycare and board and train. It you can't afford a full board and training drop your pup off for a few days a week, and I'll teach them the same cirricullum. How fast your pup progresses depends on how many times a week the your pet attends camp.

If you get a 10 pack get a 10% discount for a limited time only!!!

A La Carte Dog Training

(After Fundamentals Program is Complete)

Aggression Issues: $200 - $2,000

Is your dog overly dominant?  

Do you worry about your dog getting


out and terrorizing the neighborhood?  

We may have the solutions that you need.

Leash Reactivity Issues: $50 - $200

Does something trigger your dog into 

fight or flight mode while you 

are trying to enjoy a walk? 

We can usually fix it in about a week.

Fear Issues: $50 - $400

Does your pup get overwhelmed easily?  

We can help him or her find the confidence that they need to 


 tackle  life's many challenges as a dog.

          Off Leash Training Program: $600 per dog

Ready for something more advanced?  

Try our off leash program!

Issues with House Manners: $150

Is your dog jumping on your guests? 

Does your dog steal food off of the table?  

We can fix that!

Crate Training/Potty Training: $400

Does your dog see your house as a giant bathroom?



 We can set 'em straight!

Alert Dog: $1,500

Do you need your dog to bark on command if strangers 

approach your house? 

 Ask about our Alert Dog Program!

Drive Building: $400

Do you have a young working dog that you want to keep it's 

working drives honed before it starts working dog classes?

  Let us do it for you!

One Hour Bite Work and Obedience: 


Do you want to make sure that your existing trained 

dog keep it's skills honed?

 We have a variety of working dog equipment to help make 

sure that your dog's skills stay in shape.