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Dog & Cat Grooming

Why grooming?

Even though your dog doesn’t need a bath as often as we humans do, they still need a bath every 6 to 8 weeks, to help care for their skin and coat. The mechanical process of bathing helps remove scales, crusts, organisms, dander, loose hair and other debris. Brushing helps to spread evenly the natural oils that help keep the skin and coat healthy. Another advantage to regular grooming: a groomer is in a position to notice a lump or other condition that should get checked out by your vet and inform you about that.

The skin is the largest organ. Your dog’s skin is much more sensitive than ours. The epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin – is much thinner, and more prone to injury and irritation. Shampoos are specially pH balanced for your dog’s skin and coat.

As the largest organ, the skin is responsible for many things, including:

• Maintenance of an enclosing natural barrier between the animal's internal environment and the outside world

• Protection against water loss

• Protection from physical, chemical, and microbial injury imposed by external agents

• Storage of nutrients

• Sensory perception

• Thermoregulation

• Vitamin D synthesis

• Important indicator of health status

• Significant role in communication (e.g., pilo erection, excretion of pheromones)

Regular grooming is also beneficial to your dog because they benefit from touch and attention just as much as we do.

Because dogs have more than one hair growing out of each follicle (humans only have one), they are more prone to blackheads and clogged pores. Hot oil treatments are not recommended.

Itching: Just because your dog is itching doesn’t mean your dog has fleas. Itching can often be a symptom of an allergic reaction, or also dry skin.

The shampoos we use:

We now use, almost exclusively, Earthbath products. Why Earthbath? In their own words:

Your pet's skin is actually more sensitive than a baby's because it is covered with fur. Earthbath shampoo is pH balanced to be milder than soap or even baby shampoo. Soap can be especially drying to a pet's skin and leave residue in the fur, causing itching, dandruff and shedding. Soap is also more likely to wash off any topical flea preparations, while our soap-free formulas are perfectly safe. The most important criterion for pet shampoo is that it be mild and pH-balanced. All of our products are formulated with the mildest ingredients available and are pH-balanced for safety and mildness for animals' sensitive skin.

But, more importantly, I have used many different products, and I like the way that earthbath leaves the skin and coat of your dog. I haven’t seen anything better.

T.K. Harris – Head of Grooming Department

TK is a Certified member of the NDGAA, the National Dog Groomer’s Association of America. She has competed and won awards in many grooming shows.