Family-Oriented Protection Dogs

POV K-9 Decoy Training

Posted by Seth Layton on Monday, May 16, 2016
Nothing is more important than knowing your home and family are secure, and it's with that goal in mind that we created our family-oriented protection dog program.

Animal psychology used to differentiate dogs primarily by how aggressive they were, which tended to divide potential protection dogs into two categories - those too docile for the task and those so aggressive they might be a concern for families with small children or other pets. More and more, however, a third category of "family-oriented personal protection dogs" has become the focus of home protection training.

The main distinguishing feature of these dogs is that they can be trained when to be on alert and whom to consider a threat. They will watch TV with your family, play fetch with your children, and treat your guests respectfully. But the second a burglar tries to get onto your property, they'll raise the alarm.

Animal Motel sells and leases these dogs. They're available at many different ages and stages of training, in four main breeds:
-German Shepherd
-Belgian Malinois
-Dutch Shepherd
-American Staffordshire Terrier

Our current training packages include:
-$1000.00 - Trained gun dog
-$1500.00 - Basic training and bitework
-$5000.00 - Find preferred-breed dog and train from scratch

If you would like more information about our protection dog program, please give us a call at (804) 321-7998